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silvia leon and veronica alvarez

Mrs. Sylvia Leon

Clerk Registrar

Phone: (559) 386-4051 ext. 6061

Email: sleon@rsusd.org

Mrs. Veronica Alvarez

Administrative Secretary II

Phone: (559) 386-4051 ext. 6060

Email: valvarez@rsusd.org

Building the Habit of Good Attendance

It is important that the parent/guardian(s) start building the habit of daily attendance for student(s) as early as Transitional Kindergarten. Did you know that missing just two days of school a month can make it difficult to learn to read and cause children to fall behind in school?

Below are some tips that can help in building consistent attendance:

  • Establish routines for bedtime to ensure the student is well rested and up in time.

  • Have a backup plan for getting your child to school in the case that you are unable to.

  • Avoid planning vacations and non-urgent medical appointments during school.

  • If your child seems bored or anxious reach out to their teacher or school administrator to discuss ways on making them feel comfortable and keeping them engaged.

  • with the school regarding attendance and any concerns you may have.