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PowerPoints provide a powerful teaching tool for presenting information to students today. We need to remember that this generation of students is composed of "digital natives." They have grown up with computers, videos, DVD's, CD's, video games, and many of the technology forms that we, teachers and parents, did not have as we were growing up.

Here are some links to web pages that have PowerPoints that may be valuable to your class. They are gathered from throughout the web. Selections have been made to try to align to HM materials, especially if they are stories that appear in the California text. You will also find PowerPoint presentations for math, science and social studies. If you find a good website, please, email the address to the webmaster for inclusion on this page.

This page has PowerPoints for multiple disciplines. Key vocabulary for many of the HM anthology stories have been developed and are presented here. This site indicates the grade level for the material.

Here is a powerpoint to use for reviewing sentence types. Types of Sentences

Are you preparing for the math portion of the CST? This powerpoint gives easy hints as to the relative size of common and metric units of measurement. Units of Measurement

Here is a quick review of common and Proper nouns: Common & Proper Nouns. This powerpoint provides a link to a sorting game as well.

Coming soon! A great powerpoint about space. The pictures are from the Hubble telescope.

Here is a great web page with PowerPoint presentations directly linked to 3rd Grade HM Reading


Here are some locations that you can visit for additional resources. These Web pages are maintained by a variety of groups. In some cases they are providing materials that we have seen before in a one stop shop. In others they are repackaging the information to make it more readily usable for students and staff. Please watch this page as we add more information during the year.

Technology: On October 10, 2008, Congress passed the Broadband Data Improvement Act (Senate Bill 1492). The new legislation adds requirements that schools, as part of their Internet safety policies, educate minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms, and cyberbullying awareness and response. To meet the needs of our students, teachers are asked to present at least 2 lessons in Digital Citizenship each year.

Cybersmart!: CyberSmart! is now part of Common Sense Media. This free curriculum introduces Internet Safety and a variety of topics in grade level appropriate ways. CyberSmart is the adopted curriculum for the Reef-Sunset Unified School District.

Newport Mesa Unified School District - Cyber Smart Week: Newport Mesa Unfied School District has put together a week of 10-15 minute lessons to address the needs of students and technology. These materials were shared from Santa Ana Unified School District. There are 5 lessons for K-3, 4-8, & 9-12. Each Powerpoint lesson has a script to go with it, and most of the scripts include questions that can used for partner shares or numbered heads together. The rules for K-3 are basic and easy to remember. There is also parent letters that can be sent home in English and Spanish.