Leaving School During the day:
All students must check out through the Attendance Office if leaving campus during the school day. If they return during the same day, they must check in through the Attendance Office. Failure to check in and out will result in assigned further discipline.

Student Appearance:

  • RED or BLUE apparel is not appropriate or acceptable at school.

  • Clothing making reference to illegal/sexual acts, including, but not limited to, illegal substance alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

  • Clothing which is distracting because it is too tight or too revealing cannot be worn to school.

  • Clothing must be neat and clean.

  • Any clothing, jewelry, accessory, notebook or manner of grooming which by its nature or color denotes membership in a group or gang other than authorized clubs, is prohibited on school grounds.

  • Gang related clothing or insignias are unacceptable at school or any school function.

  • Visible tattoos are not allowed during any school related activity.

Dress code violation:

1st Offense - verbal warning and documented in student discipline file, student will be required to change before returning to class.

2nd Offense - 1-3 day suspension; parent conference, notification of probation, and possible expulsion.

Students will not use the office phone for personal calls except in emergency and with staff permission.

A signed note from a parent and the medication must be presented to the Attendance Office. Medication must be in original pharmaceutical container.

Displays of affection:
Displaying any unacceptable physical contact of a sexual nature, such as kissing, petting, and inappropriate body, front or back, contact will not be allowed.

Electronic Devices:
Electronic devices such as radios, cd players, pagers, laser pointers, lighters, game boys, mp3 players, etc., are not permitted on campus. Cell phones must remain off during school hours. Failure to comply will result in further disciplinary action.