Eligibility to Participate in the Graduation Ceremony:  

Senior students who have conducted themselves in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations of Sunrise/Adelante Continuation High School and:

1. Satisfactorily complete the unit and course requirements.  

2. Are in good financial standing with all schools in the district.  

3. Attend graduation practice – unless cleared by the principal.

Subject Area

Requirements for Graduation

Must Include


30 credits


20 credits

Physical Science

10 credits

Algebra I (Integrated Math I) 5 Credits

Biological Science

10 credits

Social Science

30 credits

World History (10 credits)

US History (10 credits)

Econ (5 credits)

American Government (5 credits)

Physical Education

20 credits

Foreign Language/Visual Performing Arts/CTE

10 credits


130 credits

*Note if the student is planning on returning to or graduating from Avenal High School, their graduation requirements (220 credits) and policies must be met including but not limited to: 

-  Be enrolled in at least one term of a senior level English course and Economics or American Government at Avenal High School. 

- May not transfer to or from any alternative program (Adult Education, Continuation, Community Day School) during the second semester of the student’s senior year.

See Avenal High School parent/student handbook for full policy/requirements `