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March 2023



“I applaud the hard work our students, along with their families and coaches, put into preparing for the Spelling Bee. The valuable lessons gained through this experience are only the beginning of their unlimited potential.” ~Mrs. Llamas


“Spelling Bee was fun! I liked competing with other 3rd graders from other schools.” What does she like most? “Spelling words that most 3rd graders can’t spell yet made me feel good.” When asked if she’d take part in the Spelling Bee again, she said: “I would do this again.” ~Nayeli

Mrs. Mora

“As for me, I enjoy being part of the Spelling Bee each year. It gives students an opportunity to showcase their spelling talents. My students work hard to prepare, however, they go to the Spelling Bee knowing that in the end, winning the competition would be great but it’s okay" ~Ms. Mora