•             Tiger   What is Tamarack?

    Where is Tamarack?

         Tamarack Elementary is a K-5 school within Reef-Sunset Unified School District. We are located in Avenal, California in the southwest corner of Kings County. We serve 450 students, seventy-five percent of whom are second language learners. Our students qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. Academics are highly valued as we celebrate student success each month, recognizing Students of the Month and Most Improved Students. To empower each student to achieve these academic heights, we challenge learners through differentiated instruction as needed. TES also offers WIN, "What I Need" tutoring as an intensive intervention to help students achieve grade level expectations. A daily after school program (LIFE) is operated by West Hills.  The LIFE program provides homework support and offers a variety of enrichment  opportunities through projects, technology, and guided physical activity, while also providing a safe childcare alternative for working parents.
    Tenents    Positive Behavior
    Interventions & Support
    The Tamarack staff focuses on providing a safe and secure environment for every student in which academic growth and positive behavior are recognized and encouraged. Students look forward to Tiger Day each month, not only to receive recognition for academic achievements, but to also receive honors for their efforts show respect and meet Tamarack PAWS  (click on this link for further info.) behavior expectations.  Several rewards are in place to recognize students for perfect attendance monthly and annually and recognize the classes each month with the best attendance. 
    musicSupplemental Programs
    Paramount Farms is a cherished supporter of our school. Through their efforts, students at Tamarack participate in the PS Arts Program. Tamarack 5th grade students are beginning instruction in music. 

    Academics       Actively Involved in Academic Programs
    Each year Tamarack students participate in the Kings County Spelling Bee, Fresno State Peach Blossom and RSUSD Math Bowl.  Our ASB students learn the basics of student government and the importance of reaching out to help others. 
    Tamarack students are full of ideas, hopes, and dreams.
    We, the staff, likewise have great hopes and dreams for them.  
Last Modified on September 8, 2016