The Migrant Education Program is a program funded by the federal government and developed locally by the Migrant Education Regional Office in collaboration with the school district. Our services include health referrals and tutoring to students in classrooms, as well as various University or College visits.

This year we started the Migrant Academic Summit at Avenal Adult School where parents and students work together on the Lexia computer program in order to improve their language arts skills.

The Migrant Education Program holds six parent meetings per year; two of those meeting are held in Kettleman City, and the other four are held in Avenal. Flyers with the time, date, and location of the meetings are sent to parents with the students and are posted on every school’s bulletin board.

The goal of the Migrant Educational Program is to provide supplemental services that will help migrant students succeed academically, graduate from high school, and make a smooth transition to post-secondary education.

For students to qualify for the Migrant Services, they and their parents must have moved to another school district to work in agriculture within the last three years. Other qualifying factors may impact eligibility.

If you have any questions regarding the Migrant Educational Program please call Marcelo Huizar at (559) 386-9083 ext. 1082.