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    Jerry Samora
    Paul Hyer



    The purpose of this coaching staff is to empower individuals as baseball players and as young men.

    While we see baseball as being a great thing, we recognize that there are standards
    that are much more important that we need to teach and model.
    If an athlete does not live up to those standards, they will know it.
    We will hold athletes accountable to these standards and do so in an appropriate manner.


    We want athletes and their parents to recognize the following statistics:  

    .00134 percent of high school baseball players make to the major leagues for one full year.
    There are roughly 700 major league jobs playing baseball.
    There are roughly 13,722 high schools playing baseball in the United States.
    There are over half a million high school players in the country.
    Our job is not to make your son one of those major league baseball players.
    Our job is to bring a group of student-athletes together as a team
    and to teach them valuable lessons using the vehicle of baseball.


    It is our responsibility to make decisions on playing time, lineups, and strategy.

    The vast majority of these decisions will be made as a group.
    There is a great deal of collaboration that goes into every decision that is made on the baseball field.
    You see the result of those thoughts and efforts.
    Sometimes people will disagree with decisions that are made by coaches,
    but it is important to recognize that the coaching staff
    will always work to do what is best for our kids and their teams.
    Not every player will get equal playing time, but every player is equally important to the team's success.
    Each member of the team needs to learn their role and perform their part to the best of their ability.
    If we are to achieve our goals, individually, and, more importantly, collectively,
    a total and unselfish team effort is required.
Last Modified on August 28, 2015