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    Name: Amy Wilkinson


    Contact Info: awilkinson@rusud.org


    Subject(s): ELA Dept. Chair/Computer Applications


    Hours for Consultation: 3:15-4:15 p.m. in Room 30




          I have been teaching at Avenal High School since the 08-09 school year, and I am very proud to call myself a Buccaneer.

          I am a Central Valley native and graduated from Hanford High many moons ago. I earned my Bachelor's Degree and teaching credential through Fresno Pacific University.

          Students in my class are encouraged to think about the world they live in and how they can change it for the better, and to embrace their inner nerd in order to pursue their interests in things they love. 

         Like all English classes, there is reading and writing, but I am firm believer in giving students choices about how demonstrate their understanding of topics and concepts, the only choice students don't have is to NOT produce something. I would rather my students make wonderful mistakes and learn from them, than never attempt anything at all. 

        I firmly believe that every child is capable of learning, and will do my best to help each of my students grow as a learner and citizen of the world.