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Turnaround Arts
Turnaround Arts – Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Guest Artist
The Mission
Reef-Sunset Unified School District is committed to providing a rigorous, inspiring and nurturing educational program. 

Reef-Sunset Spelling Bee Results 

 1st Grade
1st grade
1st   Mackenzie Sanchez   TES
2nd Carlos Celis                 TES
3rd Patricio Flores              AES
4th Yamileth Hernandez     KCES
Participant James Barrera  AES
2nd Grade  
2nd grade
1st Miguel Peralta AES
2nd Leila Barrera TES
3rd Kimberly Hernandez AES
4th Genesis Tamayo TES
Participant Joseph Franco KCES

 3rd Grade
3rd grade
1st   Leslie Naranjo TES
2nd   Giselle Rodriguez AES
3rd   Miguel Andrade KCES
4th   Isaac Lopez KCES
Participant  Uriel Felix TES
 4th grade
4th grade
1st   Alexander Ibarra AES
2nd   Kayli Leyva  TES
3rd   Airam Flores KCES
4th   Josue Medina AES
Participant  Rigoberto Zazueta TES
Participant  Jesus Franco KCES
 5th Grade
5th grade
1st   Jose Santillan KCES
2nd   Lezliy Alvarado AES
3rd   Marisa Gomez KCES
4th   Julissa Sanchez AES
Participant  Donovick Guzman TES
Participant  Angel Gonzalez TES

 6th Grade
6th grade
1st   Selena Yanez AES
2nd   Edgar Zacarias AES
3rd   Diego Bonilla AES
4th   Sunny Guardado KCES
Participant  Airik Flores KCES
 7th Grade
7th grade
1st   Osvaldo Estrada RSMS
2nd   Israel Gonzalez RSMS
3rd   Adamarri Navarro KCES
4th   Yvette Juarez KCES
Participant  Erick Vidal KCES
  8th Grade
8th grade
1st  Ashley Ramirez RSMS
2nd  Angel Magallan RSMS
3rd  Giovanna Perez RSMS
4th  Enrique Aguirre RSMS
Participant  Wendy Ayala KCES
The February district board meeting will be held on 2/19/2015 @ 6:00pm.
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